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UBS «Swissreal» Topping-out ceremony held at Centre Peugeot

Centre Peugeot
Centre Peugeot

Seeking an investor for its project, Peugeot (Suisse) SA (Peugeot) contacted UBS Bern in the second half of 2003. UBS offered Peugeot a variety of solutions, one of which involving UBS Global Asset Management. Real Estate - Switzerland aimed to offer Peugeot appropriate solutions to problems and to work out the details of the cooperation accordingly. The collaboration worked extremely well and a genuine partnership was forged between the two parties. Following the successful completion of the negotiations, an agreement was concluded with the real estate fund UBS «Swissreal»1.

What helps the office and administration building - which takes the form of a boat, and the Löwengarage, an elongated 'blue box', - stand out are their design and technical features.

Centre Peugeot Modellaufnahme
Centre Peugeot following completion (model photo)

The topping-out ceremony took place in a large hall where workshops will be situated in the future. Representatives from all companies involved in the construction project and the media attended the event. Representatives of the investor UBS «Swissreal», the future tenant Peugeot and the main contractor Karl Steiner AG made brief speeches, emphasising the good collaboration between the partners and visibly pleased that the work had been completed up to that point with no major hitches.

Centre Peugeot

In his speech at the topping-out ceremony, Dr Riccardo Boscardin, Head of Real Estate - Switzerland, lauded the collaboration with Peugeot as a 'showpiece' example. Designed to meet the requirements of Peugeot and Löwengarage Bern, this new centre will contain administration and training facilities as well as showrooms, sales and workshop areas and will house around 150 staff.