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New UBS «Anfos» building at Max Bill-Platz in the Neu-Oerlikon district of Zurich

Max Bill-Platz in the Neu-Oerlikon district of Zurich

The newly completed property with an investment volume of some CHF 95 million comprises a home for the elderly as well as apartments and commercial space. At the moment, the finishing touches are still being put to the exterior facilities. Anfos has succeeded in acquiring Senevita AG as a tenant and experienced operator for the "Nordlicht" home for the elderly.

In the residential area, 48 new apartments have been built. Most of the unique, spacious and bright flats, maisonettes and loft apartments were already let as soon as they were completed; as at the end of September, only one residence was still available.

A number of commercial spaces are available on the ground floor of the property, which have now almost all been let. The tenants include an ALDI outlet, a drycleaner's, a hairdressing salon, a flower shop, a crèche, a chemist's and a multicultural restaurant. Thanks to the variety of usage types, the new property at Max Bill-Platz represents a milestone in the development of the Neu-Oerlikon district.