UBS investment foundation prices and terms Attractive new fee structure

Our investment group fees are dependent on volumes. Anyone investing in UBS investment foundations will benefit from lower flat fees.

As a result, you will take advantage of the tranche concept

Increasing investment volumes will benefit from lower flat fees. In 2016 we pooled all previous I-A0 tranches together with I-A1 tranches. This means that the minimum investment of 5 million francs no longer applies for I-A1 tranches. Clients with an investment volume of less than 5 million Swiss francs per asset group will benefit from lower flat fees.

All details at a glance

Our comprehensive fact sheets contain security numbers, Telekurs symbols, investment groups, benchmarks, subscription closing dates, price-setting methods, buying and selling fees, flat fees and business expenses rates (BAQ).

Tranche concept

Depending on the investment volume, you will invest in one of the following three tranches:

  • A1 < CHF 10 million
  • A2 ≥ CHF 10 million < CHF 30 million
  • A3 ≥ CHF 30 million

We examine your investment volume in each asset group at least once every quarter. If the volume is lower or higher than a threshold (see "tranche volumes per asset group") on the closing date (end of the quarter), we will convert your entitlements free of charge to entitlements for another tranche. If you invest in an additional asset group, we will always invest the amount in your current tranche. Excesses or shortfalls due to subscriptions, returns or market fluctuations between closing dates will not be taken into account.

If you have invested 7 million Swiss francs in the asset group UBS AST Aktien Schweiz (tranche I-A1) and subscribe for entitlements for a value of 5 million Swiss francs, you will receive the entitlements from tranche I-A1. If the overall value of your entitlements amounts to over 10 million Swiss francs on the next closing date, we will convert all the entitlements to those of the more advantageous tranche I-A2. You will therefore benefit from our lower fees. The same will apply if the value changes due to market fluctuations or returns.