Prices and terms for institutional funds Simple and transparent fee structure

The fees applied to our institutional funds depend on transactions and volumes. With your transactions and investment volumes, you directly influence the costs you pay for professional administration, supervision and management.

Attractive fees

Our clients benefit from a transparent fee structure and cost benefits thanks to economies of scale and optimized procedures.


Fees are set according to the amount of the transaction. The larger the transaction, the lower the proportional fees.

Transaction amount

Share category

Institutional funds equities Switzerland (SMI®) indexed

< CHF 10 million


0.200% p.a.

≥ CHF 10<30 million


0.170% p.a.

≥ CHF 30 million


0.150% p.a.


The fees are also dependent on your investment volume. The more you invest, the more you will benefit from lower overall fees.