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We have compiled all the relevant information, documents and records for you on this page. Fund prospectuses, annual and semi-annual reports and tax lists are provided as PDFs, and fund prices, dividends and changes are provided as links.

Key investor information

You can download Key Investor Information Documents (KIID) as PDFs. You can narrow the selection easily by using the search mask.

Fund prices

Current fund prices can be viewed online on the detail pages:

Detailed information on all investment funds can be found in the UBS Fund Gate:

The current prices of all UBS investment funds can be retrieved from the internet, from UBS e-banking or via the UBS Funds app.

The answers to frequently asked questions on the publication of net asset values can be found online:

The issue and redemption commissions apply exclusively to subscriptions (or redemptions) at UBS AG in Switzerland. The commission rates for subscriptions from sales partners and abroad may differ from these records. Please feel free to contact your sales representative. The issue or redemption commissions are not included in the published net asset value.

Sales restrictions and fund prospectuses

Invest only in mutual funds if you have thoroughly studied current fund prospectuses, the integrated regulations and the available annual and semi-annual reports.

The representative in Switzerland for UBS funds established under foreign law is UBS Fund Management (Switzerland) AG, PO Box, CH-4002 Basel.

The fund prospectuses and annual and semi-annual reports of UBS funds can be requested free of charge from UBS AG, PO Box, CH-4002 Basel or UBS Fund Management (Switzerland) AG, PO Box, CH-4002 Basel.

The current fund prospectuses can be downloaded as a PDF and printed out:

Annual and semi-annual reports

The available annual and semi-annual reports can be downloaded as a PDF and printed out.

The available annual and semi-annual reports of the VVA fund can be downloaded as a PDF and printed out:

Tax lists

The tax lists valid for sale in Switzerland can be downloaded as a PDF and printed out:

Q-share classes

UBS (IE/LU) Fund

Shares of classes with "Q" in the name are available:

  1. for sale from a country that qualifies according to "List A"; or
  2. for investors based in other countries, provided that they are professional investors and that a written agreement exists with UBS AG, which makes the following investments in its own name and;

            a) on its own account;
            b) on behalf of their customers as part of an asset management agreement; or
            c) on behalf of their customers as part of a paid consultancy relationship concluded in writing; or
            d) for a collective capital investment which is managed by a person professionally active in the finance sector.

In cases (b), (c) and (d), said person professionally active in the finance sector is duly authorized to carry out such transactions by the financial authority it is subjected to. In addition, this person resides in a country that qualifies according to "List B" or acts in his own name and on behalf of another person professionally active in the finance sector, who has been authorized in writing by UBS AG and is resident in the case of (b) in a country listed in "List B", and, respectively, in the case of (c), in a country listed in "List C".

The shares have a minimum tradable unit of 0.001. Unless the Company decides otherwise, the initial issue price of these shares is AUD 100, CAD 100, CHF 100, CZK 2,000, EUR 100, GBP 100, HKD 1,000, JPY 10,000, PLN 500, RMB 1,000, RUB 3,500, SEK 700, SGD 100 or USD 100.

The Board of Directors shall decide on admission of investors in further distribution countries (List A, B and C) at its discretion. The current lists A, B and C are as follows:




Special notes

In connection with the contents of this website, we would like to draw your attention to the following risks:

  • Certain investments involving high volatility, such as derivatives, may be exposed to high volatility, the extent of which corresponds to or even exceeds the amount of the invested sum.
  • If an investment is referred to as suitable for investors who want to earn an income, this income may vary and can be used as a part of the invested capital to deny this income.
  • Certain special recommendations may relate to investments that are not immediately realizable. It may be difficult for investors to sell an investment, to realize profits or to obtain reliable information about their value or the extent of the risk to which the investment is exposed.
  • Some investments or investment services included in UBS websites may have tax consequences for private customers domiciled in the UK (UK residents), insofar as the level and the bases of taxation may change. If you have questions, you should contact your tax advisor.
  • When buying or selling investments entailing a contingent liability not only can you lose the amount you have invested, but you must under certain circumstances expect to pay an additional amount imposed.

Collective investment vehicles (especially investment funds)

In the UK, only collective investment vehicles which are authorized and registered in the UK for public distribution may be publicly offered and sold. Any advertisement for collective investment vehicles which are not registered in the UK does not concern UK residents ("UK investors").

Investment funds (collective investment vehicles) which are advertised on UBS websites are not available to UK investors. If you are designated as a UK resident, we must ask you to immediately leave all UBS websites containing information on UBS investment funds.