Our expertise, your benefits Benefit from our knowledge and experience

We take the time to familiarize ourselves with your objectives and understand your needs. Only then can we develop a customized strategy and suggest an asset management solution tailored to you and your situation. We use the combined expertise and full resources of UBS.

Our areas of expertise

Global, regional and country-specific as well as sector- and theme-based strategies with different risk-return characteristics.

Money-market instruments, short-term bonds, global and regional bonds and enhanced sector and index-independent strategies.

Multi-manager hedge funds, single-manager hedge funds and investment and quantitative risk management solutions

Direct and indirect investments in all relevant real estate sectors in the Asia-Pacific region, Europe and the US.

UBS-managed infrastructure assets and portfolios with infrastructure or private equity strategies of third-party providers.

Multi-asset portfolios with five risk-return profiles: customized, balanced, growth-oriented, profit-oriented and unconstrained total return.

Passive portfolios based on regional and global benchmark indices, classic index funds and exchange traded funds.