Your Goals Come First

With UBS, a global financial powerhouse, you benefit from over 150 years of expertise in world markets and wealth management. You have the peace of mind knowing that UBS AG, the parent company of UBS Bank (Canada) has one of the highest credit ratings of any financial services firm in the world (higher than Citibank, RBC, and HSBC) According to Standard & Poor's Long-Term Rating (October 2005) UBS rated as AA+ while Citibank, RBC and HSBC are rated AA, AA- and AA- respectively.

We are with you around the globe
UBS is one of the world's leading financial groups with a network of experts in over 50 countries and in every major financial centre. In our opinion this presence gives us global research capabilities that no Canadian investment provider can match. We have talent with unique global expertise situated in the local market - keeping them close to opportunities.

Global Strength, local touch: We have a long history serving Canadians
UBS has been operating in Canada for over 50 Years - with offices in Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal. UBS Bank (Canada) and UBS Asset Management (Canada) Co. together manage in excess of CAD 30 billion of private client and institutional assets.

We will help you achieve your goals
Why do discerning investors around the world entrust assets of CAD 2.4 Trillion to the UBS group UBS AG Third Quarter 2005 Financial Report ? We believe it is because of our reputation for outstanding global investment expertise combined with confidentiality and security. And because we relentlessly pursue a single aim: your financial goals.


Four-Step Advisory Approach
We listen and we understand

As a discerning private client, you require a dedicated professional advisor who takes the time to fully understand your unique requirements and aspirations. Your advisor fully analyzes your expectations and financial goals so that together, we can establish your investment profile. The better your advisor understands your individual requirements and aims, investment horizon and risk tolerance – the more precisely he or she can recommend the optimal global solution for you. This step is key – better understanding from the beginning leads to the best results.

We propose solutions
We use our understanding of your investment objectives, time horizon and risk tolerance to determine how to create an optimal portfolio for you. Your advisor draws upon the resources and expertise of a global leader - opening the door for you to the world's leading investment experts. Using your profile, you and your advisor then establish the overall strategy for your asset allocation that will best achieve your investment objectives. You will also be shown alternatives so that you are able to make an informed decision on the solutions that best fit your circumstances.

We implement
Together with your advisor, you can select appropriate products from a wide range of financing and investment options, and then bring them together into a portfolio that best meets your investment needs. Canada represents only 2-3% of the global economy. Our approach is to deliver global solutions - multi-currency accounts, access to the best in private equity, fund of funds, structured products - underpinned by local market know-how tapping into our network of investment experts around the world. For example, with our global platform we can provide institutional quality solutions that deliver equity-like returns with bond like risk ...UBS makes the world available to you - you benefit from a truly customized financial strategy.

We continually review
Since your advisor understands your expectations and regularly reviews your wealth situation, we are able to proactively respond to your needs as they may change over time. An ongoing review of your portfolio development is no less important than carefully designing the initial asset allocation. This is why we regularly monitor your asset allocation and keep you informed on the progress of your portfolio. This is an ongoing, continuous process that ensures that your financial strategy is always aligned with your objectives.

Our business model sets us apart
While others claim to have a formal advisory approach - the result is often a patchwork of limited products and strategies that originally were designed as commission based services for brokers and investment advisors.

The majority of investment advisors in Canada are inherently conflicted. Many firms pay their investment advisors based on sales commissions, and that is an incentive to recommend products with higher commissions - and these products may not be in your best interest. Investment advisors at other firms often serve more than 300 clients and therefore cannot offer truly personal service.

With both global and local expertise behind them - and without compensation-related conflicts in the way - your Client Advisor can be fully engaged in helping you achieve your goals.

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