Sponsorship at UBS represents a strategic element of the global marketing communication effort. UBS takes an integrated approach to utilizing sponsorship for client relationship purposes. Critical in supporting UBS's business model, our sponsorships are client-centric and credibly demonstrate clear benefits for the target client segments of UBS.

We understand sponsorships to be a marketing and communication asset that delivers against the UBS single-brand and client relationship objectives of our business groups and regions. Sponsorship provides properties resulting in targeted activation programs for UBS client segments.

UBS's sponsorship strategy is designed to support all key businesses and regions globally, by focusing primarily on three core content platforms around sport and culture:

UBS Sponsorships

Beyond these platforms, additional sponsorships in support of individual businesses can be utilized in the following areas:

  • Contemporary Art focused around the UBS Art Collection

  • Operalia

  • Partners in Art

  • More broadly appealing sponsorships in Canada to meet unique market requirements (broader target client segments)

To submit a request, please send to:

Christoph Arnold
UBS Bank (Canada)
154 University Avenue
Suite 800
Toronto, Ontario
M5H 3Z4