At UBS, we believe in improving the quality of life in the communities in which we live and work. As one of the world's leading financial firms with operations in more than 50 countries, we depend on the well-being of these communities to support our growing business.

In Canada, UBS concentrates its philanthropy in the areas around its locations in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver.

In addition to financial support, UBS encourages its employees to contribute their time and talents to help a variety of non-profit organizations and to foster strong relationships within the community.

For a long time now, UBS has been giving financial support to charitable, cultural, educational and scientific projects. The Bank does not expect anything – not even PR exposure, for example – in return for these charitable donations.

The most important criterion for supporting charitable organizations is that they run high-quality projects that have a sustainable effect.

To submit a request, please send to:

Christoph Arnold
UBS Bank (Canada)
154 University Avenue
Suite 800
Toronto, Ontario
M5H 3Z4