Sustainable investing solutions

How UBS can help you invest for good

A better place for future generations is everyone’s responsibility.

In 2017, we pledged to support our clients in investing USD 5 billion in impact investments to help plug funding gaps needed to reach the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). That led us to develop a wide and innovative bench of solutions that align with not just your values, but also your goals. Here are a few ways we can help you do good for everyone.

How much should you invest in doing good?

On average, those who invest according to their values dedicate over a third of their portfolio to sustainable investments.1 But you could do even more. With so many options available today and investors believing that sustainable investing will be mainstream by 2023, you have ample opportunity to invest for good.

If you're unsure about what to do, don't worry, help is at hand. Your UBS advisor can guide you through every step.

Before you start…

There are some things to consider before beginning your sustainable investing journey

What is sustainable investing?

If you aren’t sure, you’re not alone. 72% of investors say they don’t understand sustainable investing.1 We’ll break it down for you.

Sustainability in action

You have more choices than you think.

How do I get started?

Check your portfolio

How sustainable is your portfolio?

Many investors don't even realize they have sustainable investments. Ask your UBS Advisor if you do, and how you can do more.

Choose your values

What do you care about?

You can choose more than one way to make a difference. Do you want to wipe out pollution? Combat climate change? Help educate children? We can help you get started.

Invest for good

Put your values in action

Decide if you want to:

  • Exclude companies with different values than yours
  • Integrate companies who reflect your values
  • Select investments that make an impact you can see

You don't have to choose just one way to invest sustainably. In fact, you can make your portfolio 100% sustainable.4 Those who already invest according to their values dedicate over a third of their portfolio to sustainable investments.1

What do we include in our sustainable investing portfolio?

Our UBS Sustainable Investing portfolio makes it easy to get started. It mirrors our award-winning portfolio5 approach but replaces conventional assets with sustainable ones.

Every asset in your portfolio aims to give you great returns on your money. You can also relax knowing our experienced professionals are always managing your portfolio and helping you make the most from your investments.4

How will we build and manage your portfolio?

Your advisor will discuss your feelings about risk and whether the portfolio is right for you. From there, we'll build your sustainable portfolio. Rest assured, we'll always be working hard to help you achieve your goals.

Choosing the right assets:

We choose sustainable assets that can offer you similar returns to conventional assets. If we can't find a sustainable substitute for a traditional asset, we'll look for suitable alternatives.

Reducing risk:

To help reduce risk to your money, we'll diversify your portfolio across assets, regions and sectors. Over 200 analysts also monitor the markets continually, using the latest technologies to help ensure your investment always performs well.

Selecting successful fund managers:

We look for fund managers that invest sustainably and successfully. To help ensure they can deliver appealing returns on your money, we also challenge and question them on their investment choices.

Picking single stocks: 

Would you rather have single stocks (a minimum investment of CHF 1 million) in your portfolio than funds? To help you pick the right ones, more than 140 data analysts will examine stocks worldwide. We'll then use this data to build your portfolio.

What other ways can I invest?

To really reflect your values and help change the world, you can access many more sustainable investing choices and opportunities.

With our UBS advised service portfolio, you can choose from sustainable investments, such as green bonds and ESG funds. You can also choose from our impact investing options. Impact investments clearly measure how well organisations deliver on their promises.

Other ways UBS can help you make a difference

Changing the world is about more than investing sustainably. It's about giving your time and energy to solving issues you're passionate about. For example, you can help put smiles on the faces of children worldwide through the UBS Optimus Foundation, which supports global projects focusing on young people. Our philanthropy experts can also help put your wealth and ideas to work in the best-possible way.

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