Invest for a better climate

How to combat climate change

Slowing climate change is one of the top goals of the United Nations. Watch the video to see how father-and-son-team Rob and Barney Swan risked their lives to spur action. If you want to join the fight, UBS can help. You’ll like the results, and you won’t sacrifice returns.

Putting the brakes on climate change

If global warming rises above 1.5 degrees, ice melts. Drought deprives us of fresh water. Whole species become extinct.

Sustainable investing can help.

Sustainability in action

Before you start…

There are some things to consider before beginning your sustainable investing journey

What is sustainable investing?

If you aren’t sure, you’re not alone. 72% of investors say they don’t understand sustainable investing.1 We’ll break it down for you.

Sustainable solutions

You have more choices than you think. Virtually your entire portfolio can be sustainable.4

Is your portfolio having the impact you want?

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