Invest for good

Invest for returns and drive change through sustainable investing

Your values define you.

But do your investments reflect who you are? As a global leader in sustainable investing,5 we can help your portfolio live up to your principles, without compromising performance.2,3 So your investments don’t only say good things about you, they do good for everyone.


of investors already invest sustainably1

You don’t sacrifice returns - and you do good

It’s a myth that you will give up performance when you invest sustainably. Returns are comparable to conventional investments.2, 3 And with companies and funds beginning to report on their social and environmental contribution, it’s getting easier to see how you’re making a difference.

What do you know about sustainable investing?

Before you start…

There are some things to consider before beginning your sustainable investing journey

What is sustainable investing?

If you aren’t sure, you’re not alone. 72% of investors say they don’t understand sustainable investing.1 We’ll break it down for you.

Sustainable solutions

You have more choices than you think. Virtually your entire portfolio can be sustainable.4

How do I get started?

Check your portfolio

How sustainable is your portfolio?

Many investors don't even realize they have sustainable investments. Ask your UBS Advisor if you do, and how you can do more.

Choose your values

What do you care about?

You can choose more than one way to make a difference. Do you want to wipe out pollution? Combat climate change? Help educate children? We can help you get started.

Invest for good

Put your values in action

Decide if you want to:

  • Exclude companies with different values than yours
  • Integrate companies who reflect your values
  • Select investments that make an impact you can see

You don't have to choose just one way to invest sustainably. In fact, you can make your portfolio 100% sustainable.Those who already invest according to their values dedicate over a third of their portfolio to sustainable investments.1

What more can you do?

Here at UBS, we have a long tradition of giving back. Last year alone, the UBS Optimus improved the lives of 2 million of the world’s most vulnerable citizens: children. And it’s only one of the ways UBS can help you make the most of your giving.


of investors want to make the world a better place1


Tackling the world's most critical problems together

Presenting three potential solutions to achieve the UNs' Sustainable Development Goals for WEF 2020.

Sustainability in action

Is your portfolio having the impact you want?

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