Is unpredictability the new normal?


Living in an unpredictable world

Unexpected events can challenge even the most experienced investor. Today, the world feels full of them: surging populism; shock votes like Brexit, growing geopolitical tensions and the rise of fake news. These uncertain events all pose a challenge to protecting and growing wealth today.

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Feelings were mixed but overall Investors told us that they remain optimistic:

  • We are living in the most unpredictable period in history say 82% of UK millionaires. Financial and economic risks are top concerns in this situation, but Brexit is the top domestic threat.
  • It can be hard to focus on facts and the long term. Nearly three quarters feel distracted by short-term risks. Meanwhile, emotions, not facts are increasingly the driving force behind voter choice and public opinion.
  • Investors remain confident about the future. 65% are optimistic about reaching their long-term financial goals and 77% believe Brexit will have a positive long-term impact on their finances. But are there signs of overconfidence when planning for the future?