Why should I retire?


The idea of old age has shifted. Many people want to carry on living productive and stimulating lives as they get older. Many continue to find great purpose and enjoyment in their working lives.

Now that many live longer, there is a sense that the possibilities in retirement have expanded dramatically. This view, however, does not always match the reality of how investors are saving.

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Our survey results show that 'work' and 'retirement' are no longer viewed as separate and distinct phases of life. Increasingly, investors are embracing a long transition – which might last between the ages of 50 and 85…or even beyond.

  • Work is no longer a chore that must be endured to pay the bills.
    Our respondents see work as a pleasure. Successful professional enjoy working – 89% of respondents in our survey enjoy their jobs.
  • Retirement is no longer about slowing down and taking fewer chances.
    Instead it is about new challenges and greater risk-taking. Approaching half (46%) of respondents are looking forward to this period of life as an exciting new chapter. Around one in five (18%) are even planning to be launching or running their own business when they reach 65.
  • Retirement is increasingly about legacy.
    The majority (65%) say that the older they get, the more they are thinking about preserving history and culture for future generations. Three in 10 will make giving something back a top priority, either financially or by contributing their time and experience.