UBS (Canada) Money Market Fund

The Money Market Fund invests in short-term (under two years) obligations of the Government of Canada, provincial governments, Canadian and foreign banks, foreign governments and Canadian and foreign corporations.

Investment strategy

The Fund seeks to add value through adjusting the term of the portfolio in anticipation of rate changes, actively trading between sectors of the market and analyzing the yield curve to determine best relative value. A primary goal is to preserve the capital value of the investment and to achieve the highest possible income consistent with this low-risk profile. The Fund's objective is to outperform the returns earned by the DEX 30-Day T-Bill Index.


A very high quality portfolio is maintained to minimize risk. A minimum of 40% will be in government guaranteed issues. Only non-government debt which passes the highest credit analysis will be purchased and will be limited to a maximum of 60% of the portfolio. Investments in a single bank or corporation will not exceed 5% of the Fund's assets at the time of purchase, and a maximum of 20% of the Fund may be invested securities maturing longer than 1 year.


This Fund is suitable for those investors who want to maintain their capital value with a minimal amount of risk involved.