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With their recovering economic growth and robust income generation, Emerging Markets (EMs) could provide investors with some interesting possibilities. Unlike developed markets, EMs can offer investment opportunities that aren't overly dominated by the "new normal" of sluggish economic growth, persistently low inflation, lower long-term bond yields and flat yield curves. In particular, the combination of increasing working-age populations and their rising incomes throughout many EMs could drive spending across a number of sectors.

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Taking the lead

This extensive report shows that these thematic trends are not only propelling growth in China and the global economy, but also creating long-term investment opportunities that every global investor can be positioned for.

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May 15, 2018

Uncovering the hidden gems in non-Asia Em investing


UBS-AM: No. 1 in China

After a year of firsts for our China business, UBS-AM has been ranked as the leading foreign asset manager in China.

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Stepping into the future

With its comprehensive coverage, Stepping into the future offers an essential perspective to both understand China and prepare you for the many opportunities it will create.


Street view

The Emerging Markets Equities Research team report back with on-the-ground insights in their latest edition of Street view, which focuses on opportunities in Russia's burgeoning internet sector.

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