Macro Quarterly

Offers an in-depth analysis at the key cyclical and near-term macroeconomic themes driving markets

Third Quarter 2019

In this issue of Macro Quarterly, we review the five macro market themes which serve as our core views and examples of case studies associated with them.

Second Quarter 2019

In this issue of Macro Quarterly, the Investment Solutions team takes a close look at five macro market themes and global tactical asset allocation opportunities driven by these themes.

First Quarter 2019

In this issue our Investment Solutions team updates the narrative and milestones for each key investment theme, focusing on where we have found the most compelling dislocations on a risk-adjusted basis across asset classes within each broader theme.

Fourth Quarter 2018

In our premiere issue we identify the five macroeconomic themes that we believe are likely to be the major drivers of investor returns in the coming months, and our preferred trades for accessing each theme across equity, rates and foreign exchange markets globally.