Visionaris 2014 – applications closed

As a demonstration of its commitment to society, UBS AG decided to create Visionaris - The UBS Social Entrepreneur Award to support the work of leading social entrepreneurs. For this purpose, in 2004 UBS joined Ashoka, an international organization founded in 1980 with the aim of collaborating in the professionalization of social entrepreneurs around the world. Currently, Ashoka works in 60 countries on five continents and has an international network of more than 3,000 social entrepreneurs (fellows).
For UBS and Ashoka, a social entrepreneur is an exceptional person who has the vision, creativity and determination of a business entrepreneur, but uses those qualities to design systemic solutions to address complex social problems.
In 2014, social entrepreneurs who are members of the Ashoka network as well as those that are not may participate as Visionaris candidates. In the latter case, only social entrepreneurs who have been nominated and who meet criteria that defines what a social entrepreneur is, may participate.
The theme for Visionaris 2014 is “Replicating success, maximizing social impact”. Achieving social impact involves more than developing a model that works. Once a social initiative demonstrates its effectiveness, replicate the operational model of success becomes imperative. Nevertheless, this is not a simple process: there are different ways to multiply the benefits achieved from the initiative and a process of replication can cause considerable expense before they can reap the advantages of economies of scale.
The 2014 Visionaris was designed to identify social entrepreneurs who have developed successful strategies to replicate their models of social impact. Part of this strategy is the creation of social franchises or licenses, the establishment of partnerships with other organizations to expand the scope of operations, putting in place measures to ensure a high level of institutionalization and the correct identification of resources to support growth projections among other factors.  

Socially Responsible Company

UBS AG, a leading global financial services company, considers social responsibility as an integral part of its identity and business model, which is aimed at creating a sustainable value that contributes to the welfare of  its clients, employees and shareholders, as much as its community.