Perception, demographics, technology Innovation Paper 1

Real Asset Evolution

13 juin 2018

There are gradual shifts in market conditions that may act as magnetic forces on the distant use, value and investment performance of commercial real estate and infrastructure assets. Certainly, there is a great desire to have advanced notice of the trends and innovations that will shape future investment, so that we can shape our portfolios to take advantage of the new developments and avoid the pending pitfalls. Typically, when forming expectations of future events, such as economic performance, asset demand or on-coming supply, we look to past relationships and compare to the current environment. This technique is less valuable, when the goal is to estimate the impact of events or items that do not yet exist. Thus, the question of "How will real assets react to innovation?" is boundless and, by definition, unknown. Our objective is to segment this unbounded question into definable topics and start a conversation that may lead to insight on the evolution of commercial real estate and infrastructure.