Overview of HSC Syllabus

The NSW Board of Studies*suggests that you spend 25% of your time studying each topic.

Topic 1: The Global Economy

  • International economic integration

  • Trade, financial flows and foreign investment

  • Protection

  • Globalisation and economic development

  • Case Study

Topic 2: Australia's Place in the Global Economy

  • Australia's trade and financial flows

  • Exchange rates

  • Free trade and protection

Topic 3: Economic Issues

  • Economic Growth

  • Unemployment

  • Inflation

  • External stability

  • Distribution of income and wealth

  • Environmental sustainability

Topic 4: Economic Policies and Management

  • Macro economic policies

    • Fiscal policy

    • Monetary policy

  • Microeconomic policy

  • Labor market policies

  • National and global context for environmental management

  • Limitations of economic policies

  • Policy responses and their effects in dealing with economics objectives

* Economics Stage 6 Syllabus © Board of Studies NSW for and on behalf of the Crown in rights of the State of New South Wales 2009