Will Harvey

William Harvey

Dr Will Harvey is a lecturer at the University of Sydney's Business School. Will's research focuses on three particular areas. First, on how reputation is built and sustained within professional service firms. In particular, he is analysing how stakeholders judge quality and reputation within management consultancy firms as well as whether such firms have single or multiple reputations across different practice areas in various country contexts. Second, his work analyses the mobility, economic impact and social networks of highly skilled migrants. Specifically, he is focusing on British and Indian professionals working in a range of economic sectors around Boston and Vancouver. Finally, his research examines some of the methodological and practical challenges with interviewing elite business professionals.

Will has published in a range of journals across the social sciences including: Work and Occupations, Population, Space and Place, Qualitative Research, Global Networks, Asian Population Studies and Geoforum. He is an Associate Fellow in the Centre for Corporate Reputation at the Saïd Business School, University of Oxford.