Investment Training Seminar

2020 highlights

UBS Asset Management's Investment Training Seminar (ITS) is one of our leading events for Sovereign and other institutional investors. The 26th ITS was held virtually for the first time from Wednesday, 11 November to Friday, 13 November 2020.

Our top thought leaders shared insights on the global macroeconomic environment, US elections, innovations in technology, the move to sustainability, investment trends and the impact to developed and emerging markets.

The world that will emerge from COVID-19 will certainly be different. Some of the challenges we face today will persist, with new hurdles and trends surfacing. Interests rates are expected to remain low for a prolonged period of time, as we advance toward a less globalized, more digital and greener society.

Central banks, sovereign wealth funds and other institutional investors alike are working to navigate and adapt to the inevitable transformation, while seeking to identify new opportunities. Our three-day virtual event featured keynote speeches and panel discussions from preeminent leaders in their field, aiming to prepare you for a new world.

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