UBS in Australia

UBS Asset Management in Australia provides a comprehensive range of investment styles and strategies to institutional investors, intermediaries and retail investors. Drawing on its 30-year heritage, UBS Asset Management strives to deliver outcome-orientated investment solutions for our clients, underpinned by a team-based approach and disciplined risk management.

With $51 billion of invested assets in Australia (as at 31 December, 2017) and approximately 65 employees located locally, UBS is one of the largest asset management businesses in the Australian market. Globally, with approximately $1,020 billion of invested assets under management (as at 31 December, 2017) and approximately 3,600 employees located in 23 countries, UBS Asset Management is a truly global investment manager.

It takes many elements to build successful investment portfolios: a disciplined investment philosophy, world class fundamental research, rigorous risk management and a diversified investment offering. These are the hallmarks of UBS Asset Management.

UBS Asset Management is committed to client partnerships. 

  • An investment house – Investment pioneers with a strong track record that offers the full spectrum of investment opportunities within or across asset classes.
  • Built around investment teams – Investment excellence drives the culture. We hire and retain high calibre investors globally.
  • Solutions for our clients – Committed to providing solutions for our clients to assist them in meeting their long term objectives.
  • Robust processes and business architecture – We take no shortcuts. Investment teams apply robust investment processes and risk controls to support investment outcomes.

Bryce Doherty, Head of Australia and New Zealand