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The Antipodean

Tracey McNaugthon

By Tracey McNaugthon, Head of Investment Strategy

The Antipodean is designed to be a simple, thought-provoking piece on a market-relevant issue that is timely, topical and relevant for investment strategy. The article is written from an Australian perspective but will cover both domestic and international issues. A useful snapshot of key market and economic statistics will be updated with each new issue.


No More Practice Investment Series

Tracey McNaughton, Head of Investment Strategy, features in the No More Practice Investment Series from evolution media group, where she showcases the benefits of the UBS Tactical Beta Funds. This CPD accredited initiative takes you behind the scenes, providing unprecedented access to the process of funds management and ratings. The show is supported by the ASX, FSC, Portfolio Construction Forum, leading research houses and one of Australia's largest independent platforms.