What does the future of real estate look like?

How will our work, living and leisure spaces change in the future? From multi-generational retirement villages, living off the grid in the city, bar-less prisons, fresh produce grown in supermarkets and virtual dressing rooms to improve the online shopping experience – exciting changes are underway.

The future of real estate
Cashless society: an opportunity or threat?

Cashless society: an opportunity or threat?

The way people make payments is changing quickly. As the world moves rapidly to digital payments, we look at which companies are leading in payment technology.

It's not different this time

It's not different this time

Ultra-low interest rates and quantitative easing has seen an extended period of underperformance by Australian large cap value stocks, with growth names now trading near historic premiums. We know valuations matter most when no one cares and we don't think it's different this time either. Here's why.

Investing in a mature cycle

Investing in a mature cycle

Knowing where we are in the business cycle is one of the most important questions for asset allocation. We discuss where we are in the cycle and how we are positioning our portfolios.

McNaughton report

McNaughton report

Monthly update on the global economic environment.

Emerging opportunities for Australian investors

Emerging opportunities for Australian investors 

Geoffrey Wong, Head of Global Emerging Markets Equities, explains what the fundamental shift in emerging markets means for investors.

Real fixed income

Will the 'real' fixed income please stand up

Do your clients understand the essential qualities of a 'real' fixed income portfolio? We help explain the key role it plays.

Tracey McNaughton

Are rising bond yields bad for equities?

Bond yields and equity prices have historically had a volatile correlation - but rising yields are not always bad for equities, especially now.

China tech sector

China's tech sector: why we remain optimistic

Chinese tech firms have had an outstanding run lately. We share three reasons why we continue to remain optimistic about the sector.

What do higher oil prices mean for markets

What do higher oil prices mean for markets?

What is the impact of higher oil prices on economic growth, markets and monetary policy - and what are the implications for multi asset investors.

Dividends strike back

Dividends strike back

Amid uncertain markets, investor interest in high quality, higher yielding stocks is rising quickly. Our Investment Solutions team explore the growing appeal of dividend stocks in this article.

Trading up

Trading up

This article explores how premiumisation is propelling emerging markets and not just in China as many people think.

Economic update

McNaughton report

Monthly update on the global economic environment

A turning tide a shift toward active

A turning tide, a shift toward active

There is a shift towards active investing amongst institutional investors. This report looks at the current market environment and how investors can incorproate active investing strategies in their portfolios.

China & Emerging Markets in 2018

China & Emerging Markets in 2018

What are the challenges and opportunities for China and Emerging Markets this year? Hear our latest insights from Geoffrey Wong, Head of Emerging Markets and APAC Equities.