UBS Global Property Securities Fund


Our investment philosophy is to adopt the mind-set of becoming a co-owner of the company we invest in. Our valuations are anchored on anticipated cash flows generated by a company over an extended time horizon.

UBS Property Securities Fund

Fund Features

Inception Date: 

1 September 2005

Management Fee:

0.95% p.a.

Minimum initial investment:


Typical Number of Holdings:

40 to 90



Entry/Exit Fees:


Buy/sell spread:


Switching Fee:


Investment Philosophy

Our investment philosophy holds that often there are important exploitable discrepancies between market price and intrinsic or relative value. The investment process seeks to exploit these inefficiencies by buying and selling securities as prices move around our estimate of fundamental investment or relative value. Our real estate securities portfolios follow a blend of investment styles with a tilt towards value.

Investment objective

The Fund aims to provide investors with a total return (after management costs) in excess of the FTSE EPRA/NAREIT Developed Index total return ($A hedged) (Benchmark) when measured over rolling five year periods.

Investor suitability

The Fund is best suited to investors who seek a well-diversified portfolio of global property securities with foreign currency exposure hedged to $A. Investment returns will fluctuate and may even be negative in some periods.

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