UBS Clarion Global Infrastructure Securities Fund

A Fund designed to deliver an attractive combination of stable income and growth.

UBS Asset Management has partnered with CBRE Clarion, a leading global investment management firm specialising in infrastructure securities, to offer the UBS Clarion Global Infrastructure Securities Fund.

The Fund provides investors with the potential for consistent income, predictable and stable earnings, meaningful diversification and attractive risk-adjusted returns.

Fund facts

Inception date

4 August 2016

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Minimum initial investment




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Additional information

Why invest in the UBS Clarion Global Infrastructure Securities Fund?

A source of stable income and returns

Infrastructure companies provide an attractive source for relatively stable and predictable cash flows and dividends.

A broad investment universe maximises investment opportunities

Actively managed within broad investment guidelines, this flexibility enhances the potential for diversification and the ability to capture compelling investment opportunities.

Well-resourced global investment team

CBRE Clarion's global presence enhances their ability to translate fundamental research into high-conviction investment ideas.

Potential for attractive risk-adjusted returns

The Fund is designed to generate returns in excess of the global infrastructure securities market with lower volatility of returns relative to the broader global equity market.