UBS Tactical Beta Fund – Balanced

A multi-asset fund designed for investors seeking cost-effective access to the benefits of active asset allocation.

The UBS Tactical Beta Fund – Balanced provides investors with diversification by actively investing across a wide variety of asset classes. Exposure to these asset classes, including equites, fixed income and property securities, is gained through passive investments, including index fund and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs).

Our global team of investment experts then assess the outlook and risks for each asset class and make an active asset allocation decision on how to adjust the Fund's exposure to provide the best opportunities for additional returns.

It is a powerful combination, bringing together UBS' global expertise in managing multi-asset strategies with passive investments, to provide investors with cost-effective access to attractive returns over the long term.

Fund facts

Inception Date: 

12 October 2012

Asset mix

50% income
50% growth

Management fee

0.35% p.a.

Fees & expenses (underlying funds) 

0.15% p.a.



Additional information

Why invest in the UBS Tactical Beta Fund – Balanced? 

  • Diversified one-stop solution: The Fund provides investors with exposure to a range of asset classes including equities, fixed income and property securities.
  • Cost-effective access to active management: The asset class mix within the Fund is actively managed in response to expected market changes. The use of passive investments to build the portfolio reduces the overall management fee compared to traditional multi-asset funds.
  • Tap into global insights: Our global team of investment professionals bring their global insights and local market knowledge together, capitalising on this breadth of opportunity to identify the best investment ideas.
  • Awarded: The Fund has received industry wide recognition, winning the Morningstar Undiscovered Manager Award 2015; the Money Management Lonsec Multi-Sector Fund and Asset Allocator Awards 2015; as well as the Professional Planner/Zenith Multi Asset Diversified Award 2015.