Fixed Income and Cash Funds

Pioneers in fixed income management

Investing in a UBS fixed income fund provides access to a diversified portfolio of fixed income securities managed by a team of experienced investors. Our funds deliver a steady income stream over the medium term. They also help to diversify the risks in investors’ portfolios, reducing volatility and anchoring performance.


UBS Asset Management was one of the pioneers of fixed income investing in Australia, creating fixed income funds for individual investors who may not otherwise have been able to invest in this asset class. We have been managing Australian fixed income for almost 30 years.

Complexity and opportunity

Distilling the complexity of fixed income markets into secure opportunities for Australian investors.


Global markets require global expertise so we draw upon the research and insights of our global colleagues to manage tailored fixed income portfolios to meet the needs of Australian investors.


Our disciplined and structured investment process has been tested over many investment cycles and has delivered consistent returns for our clients.