Australian Small Cap Equity Funds

Growth focused

By investing in the UBS Australian Small Companies Fund, investors gain access to an actively managed, core style, diversified portfolio of small capitalisation securities managed by our team of professional investors.


With a proven philosophy and process, applied for over 10 years, we build high conviction yet diversified small companies portfolios to grow your wealth.


Our investment philosophy is to adopt the mind-set of becoming a co-owner of the company we invest in. Our valuations are anchored on anticipated cash flows generated by a company over an extended time horizon.


Discovering successful small companies that can deliver cash flow growth can be likened to finding an oasis in a desert. It requires many resources. At UBS, we have the team, systems and processes to do it.


We have been measuring company value, based on expected future cash flows, the same way for over 10 years. This is why we have delivered consistent performance.