Benefits of Exchange Traded Funds

UBS IQ Exchange Traded Funds offer the following benefits for investors:


Easy access to a diversified portfolio of securities in a single transaction

Low Cost
ETFs are generally cheaper than traditional managed funds.

International Exposure
Gain exposure to securities listed on global exchanges of the world's major economies.

Ease of access & Liquidity
Trade units in the ETF as simply as trading any other ASX listed share.

View the ETFs underlying portfolio of shares and the price daily.

ETFs trade and settle like any ASX listed security and can be bought and sold during ASX trading hours

Comparing ETFs to other investment vehicles

  ETFs Mananged Funds Shares
Pricing Intra-day / continuous End of day, weekly or monthly Intra-day / continuous
Liquidity High Varies depending on structure.
Closed-ended structures may have limited liquidity
Accessibility High Entry via a fund manager or intermediary High
Expenses / Fees Low MER
Standard Brokerage
Buy/Sell spread
Higher MER.
Performance fee and commissions possible
Standard brokerage
Diversification High - index exposure High Low
Transparency Index constituents
generally available daily
On request, rarely daily
Often will not disclose portfolio