Mid-year outlook: Investing in a new landscape

As we head towards a new normal, how can investors look beyond the downturn to anticipate the shape of the post-COVID-19 recovery?

24 Jun 2020


Investing in a new landscape

Our investment experts give their mid-year market perspectives on why the case for staying invested remains strong.

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A short, sharp shock or prolonged pain?

Webinar highlights

  • Reflection, recession, recovery‚Ķ Six months ago, Barry Gill Head of Investments and his team, discussed potential crises and the investment opportunities that could arise as a result. While a pandemic was a suggestion, nobody was prepared for it. So where does this leave us?
  • Plotting the path to recovery: How fast will the global economy recover and what shape will the recovery take? Our investment experts examine the bull, bear and base case and assess when economies could return to pre-COVID levels.
  • Shaping long-term expectations: What are the investment implications of the pandemic and how will it accelerate long term trends? Our Investment Solution experts looked at our five-year baseline expected returns and discuss changes since the release of last year's Capital Market Assumptions update.

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