Market update: Projit Chatterjee

Projit Chatterjee, Senior Equity Specialist, provides a fresh perspective on emerging markets.

05 May 2019

Perils of market timing

Traditionally, investors have allocated to emerging markets tactically - that is, buying in when they’re cheap and selling out when they recover. But in this video, Projit Chatterjee suggests a different approach.

Anywhere but China

It's easy for conversations about emerging markets to drift towards China - but that tends to obscure some of the lesser-known growth stories in emerging markets. Projit Chatterjee reveals what advisers need to know when managing their clients' portfolios.

Are emerging and developed markets breaking up?

One of the key growth drivers in emerging markets is the fact that they’re becoming less dependent on the goods and services of developed markets to fuel their economies. Projit Chatterjee looks at the relationship and if this is a break-up, or just time apart?

Taking advantage of inefficiencies

Emerging markets are growing quickly, but given the variety of governments, regulators and underlying consumers in each region, there’s a lot of inefficiencies in each individual market. Projit Chatterjee discusses whether you should take an active approach and look beyond the darlings of the index.

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