• Top 10 real estate questions for 2019

    We expect the cycle to continue to mature in 2019, with the trends already underway gradually accelerating. Higher interest rates, tighter spreads, and slower growth will make for a more challenging operating environment. More

    • 17 Dec 2018
  • Still in a long term upcycle

    After a number of headwinds in 2018 including a stronger US dollar, higher US funding rates and growing US/China trade tensions, we believe there are now large opportunities across emerging market sectors. More

    • 14 Dec 2018
  • Adding value through active engagement

    The past decade has seen profound changes in the asset management landscape: a shift from active to passive strategies and the rise of sustainable investing (SI). We explore the impact of this and how active management can still add value. More

    • 02 Nov 2018
  • Innovation paper 5: Technology / Perception

    The next decade could bring great change as the conventional energy landscape faces challenges from shifting consumer perceptions, renewables, storage and an abundance of cheap gas. How should infrastructure investors respond to this? More

    • 01 Nov 2018