Defeating the home bias

Learn how we construct our portfolio to deliver consistent outperformance and defeat Australian home bias in your portfolio.

Our investment philosophy

We focus on capturing deep insight into top performing stocks to build a high conviction portfolio free from specific bias' and factor tilts.

What sets us apart?

Everyone has access to information now. Our advantage is our ability to cut through the noise and find the right piece of information to optimally construct our portfolio.

Our team

Our global team of analysts is lead by two quantitative portfolio managers. Learn how these analysts work together to uncover their best ideas.

How do we fit in with your portfolio?    

Equities are an important part of most portfolios, learn how our unique high conviction portfolio is an ideal core holding for investors.

We're unique

Our highly distinguised, purpose built optimisation platform sets us apart, hear how.


Rules and returns of the Fund

To help us achieve our objective of benchmark outperformance we focus on having low turnover and high conviction ideas with few bias'.

Our buy and sell discipline

We diversify our porfolio to reduce bias risk and deliver more consistent outperformance. Learn how we decide when to buy or sell our positions.

Don't follow trends

Why removing emotion from investment decision making is critical.


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