UBS Managed funds and Prices

Our Australian investment specialists offer deep rooted expertise across a range of Australian and international managed funds.

Equity Funds

Working with a client-focused mindset and within small dynamic teams, our equity fund strategies meet the changing needs of our clients. These range from intrinsic value strategies to quantitative to growth strategies.

Fixed Income and Cash Funds

The Australian Fixed Income and Cash Fund range offers funds ranging from traditional to alternative, catering to a range of investor risk profiles.

Multi Asset Funds

Our Australian Multi-Asset Fund portfolio extends across all liquid asset classes. In order to maximize diversity and vary return sources for clients, we examine over 160 fixed income, equity, currency, and alternative asset class markets globally.

Property and Infrastructure Funds

UBS Asset Management's Real Estate and Private Markets business manages over USD 100bn globally. As such, UBS Australia's Property and Infrastructure Funds draw on one of the largest networks of asset managers in real assets in the worldExplore more by browsing all of UBS Australia’s managed fund options including fund prices, performance, price history, and individual fund facet sheets below.