Why UBS Asset Management for emerging markets?


There's a big shift in economic activity…it's probable that China will exceed the United States in patent applications in the next two to three years.

Geoffrey Wong
Head of Global Emerging Markets and Asia Pacific Equities

Why UBS Asset Management for emerging markets?

Experts in emerging markets

Our experienced and well-resourced emerging markets team of 25 investment professionals has an average of 16 years investment experience.

High conviction ideas

Access to a portfolio of our best 25 to 35 ideas within the compelling emerging markets growth story. Stocks are selected for inclusion in the portfolio based on quality and long-term valuations.

'Boots-on-the-ground' research

Our team are mostly from emerging markets and speak local languages. We visit companies and their factories, suppliers, competitors and customers. This local presence provides our team with unique insights and an understanding of local regulations and political factors.

Proven approach

We have been successfully managing emerging market equities for 25 years and manage $40bn in assets across emerging markets, including $16bn in China alone.*

The active advantage

We believe an active approach is required in order to select the right companies and generate consistent long-term outperformance in emerging markets.

In contrast to many developed markets, emerging markets are under-researched and often company information is less accessible. This provides an opportunity for our ’boots-on-the-ground’ research to uncover insights and make more precise valuations on potential investments.

As an active manager, we also have the advantage of going beyond the index to tap into a broader opportunity set. Popular indices such as the MSCI Emerging Markets Index include a limited number of companies and tend to be dominated by larger companies. This means the opportunity set for passive strategies that follow these indices is constrained and can lead to unwanted country and sector concentrations.

Ideal investor

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Key considerations

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Fund philosophy

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Unique aspects

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Role in portfolio

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The team

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Rules and returns

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Buy Sell Discipline

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