Payment Services Directive 2


The Payments Services Directive creates new capabilities to enable clients to interact with their payment account through certified Account Information Providers. The Account Information Providers will be able to show you a view across multiple payment accounts.

To receive services from Account Information Providers you need to authenticate yourself to UBS. This means you 'consent' to this service and the Account Information Providers. This authentication works like your e-banking login and you will use your Access Card and Card Reader.

As of June 14 2019, you have the option to receive Account Information services from Third Party Providers that you have granted access to your current accounts and Card Providers have the option of receiving Confirmation of Funds information from UBS.

PSD2 Services:

Account Information

Account Information consists of balance and transaction information that you would normally see on your UBS account statement. To receive such services you need to give your consent to the Account Information Provider and successfully authenticate yourself to UBS. Your successful authentication to UBS allows the Account Information Provider to receive account information for 90 days. After 90 days you need to re-authenticate yourself to ensure your consent is still given.

Confirmation of Funds

Provided you give your consent to UBS by authenticating yourself, Card Providers can receive information if you have sufficient funds for a specific card transaction.

Availability and Performance Reporting

The PSD2 third party interfaces shall have the same availability and performance as the UBS client channels (e-banking).
UBS provides daily statistics published on a quarterly basis for the availability and performance of the interfaces.

Information for Third Party Providers

UBS works with NDGIT for the PSD2 Third Party interfaces. NDGIT provides the PSD2 sandbox, documentation and test support to Third Party Providers.