Reducing debt, reforming healthcare and sparking innovation to stimulate economic growth

A presidential conversation on America’s recovery

Despite recent market gains, investors continue to take a very pragmatic approach, one based on avoiding risk and redefining it, according to the latest edition of UBS Investor Watch. Concerns also remain around the national debt, America’s economic growth and the ability to afford long-term care. UBS is committed to addressing the country’s most pressing issues with some of the most distinguished leaders of our day.

Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush spoke with Bob McCann, CEO of UBS Group Americas, in the latest of our Revitalizing America presidential conversation series, to offer insights into the state of the recovery. They discussed ways the nation can achieve its full economic strength through bold leadership, reducing U.S. debt and nurturing innovation to drive sustainable growth. Read more.

The role of innovation as a catalyst for creating jobs and igniting economic growth was further explored by our expert panel of leaders and innovative thinkers across a range of industries. Watch them now.

In fact, a more favorable climate for innovators and entrepreneurs after the financial crisis appears to be driving a wide-spread resurgence of the American economy as revealed in the new report from Mike Ryan, CFA, Chief Investment Strategist, UBS Wealth Management Americas, Emerging evidence of an American renaissance (PDF, 7 MB).

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