UBS Investor Watch—When is enough…enough? Why the wealthy can’t get off the treadmill

Our latest UBS Investor Watch report, “When is enough…enough?” finds that millionaires enjoy a great deal of happiness and appreciation for what they’ve earned. But most feel compelled to strive for more, spurred on by ambition, the desire to protect their families’ lifestyle and anxiety about losing what they’ve worked so hard to build. As a result, many millionaires say they feel stuck on a treadmill without knowing how much wealth would make them truly satisfied enough to get off.

The study also found that millionaires regret the time they've missed with family. If they could slow down or get off the treadmill, they would reconnect with family, pursue their passions and work on personal—not financial goals. If they had no financial constraints, they would donate more to charity.

You may share many of these very same dreams or concerns. To understand how the right advice can help you make sense of it all within your larger financial picture, connect with your UBS Financial Advisor or find a UBS Financial Advisor.