Who are Millennial investors? Mike Ryan reveals the surprising answer.

Millennials invest as conservatively as the WWII generation. What can this mean for their financial futures? Mike Ryan explains the ramifications on Fox Business.

Survey findings

  • Millennials are financially conservative
  • They believe hard work and saving lead to success
  • They’re worried about the financial well-being of their parents
  • They look to family for financial advice
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Think you know the Next Gen investor? Think again.

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Lazy. Entitled. Spendthrifts. Digitally obsessed. These are a few of the words used to describe Millennials. But after surveying more than 4,000 U.S. investors, a very different picture emerged, shaped largely by lightning-fast technology and dramatic economic volatility.

Millennials are more like investors who came of age during the Great Depression.
Young adults aged 21-36 invest conservatively and hold significantly more cash than other generations. And while optimistic about achieving their goals, Millennials are somewhat skeptical about long-term investing as the way to get there. Instead, they feel hard work and limited spending is the key to financial success.

Millennials are worried about their parents’ financial well-being.
Having seen market volatility disrupt their parents' retirement and investing plans, Millennials put concerns about their parents’ financial stability near the top of the list of worries. In turn, parents feel Millennials will have a harder time reaching their goals.

Young investors look to family—not online sources—for advice.
Rather than relying exclusively on social media and online sources, Millennials tell us that they look for face-to-face advice from people they trust—particularly from family or a family-referred professional.

With these insights, we can better help you—or your children—plan for the future.
When investing, it helps to have an advisor who understands you and your goals. Whether you’re a Millennial, you have children or grandchildren who are, or you’re in a different life stage, you can always rely on your UBS Financial Advisor to deliver what you need most right now. Advice. Beyond investing.