Effective plan management to retain competitive talent

Employee Retirement Plans

Retirement plans play a critical role in helping to recruit and retain talent. Structuring a retirement plan and ensuring it continues to perform optimally over time requires an amount of resources and degree of expertise that few organizations possess or are prepared to expend.

All employers have the challenges of plan administration, meeting their fiduciary obligations, especially around plan investments, and keeping plan costs within budget. At the same time, employers are focused on growing their business.

At UBS, we understand the commitment necessary to maintain a plan and meet your fiduciary responsibilities. We know how to help you efficiently manage your retirement plan, and can address your concerns about administering the program, and keeping the plan relevant to employees' needs.

Because every organization is unique, UBS retirement plan services are flexible and can be adjusted to work within the parameters that are best suited based on your needs.

We can identify and review investments, coordinate with your plan provider, and provide plan participants with support and education to streamline the plan management process for you.

We are confident you can have a more successful retirement plan for your employees with the advice and resources we provide to our clients through our three core services.

Plan program consulting

Selecting the right retirement plan program for your company requires technical and deep expertise. We understand the service models, investment offerings and administrative and technological capabilities, as well as pricing structures; we can assist you with your search and selection of retirement plan program providers. On an ongoing basis, we will act as your plan liaison, provide fiduciary support, review plan features, and conduct fee analysis and benchmarking.

Investment consulting

Investments are at the heart of your plan and an important part of your fiduciary responsibilities. We will support you with a review of your Investment Policy Statement and your selection of the plan's investments. We will provide regular reviews of the plan's investment options, and will recommend fund replacements based on the criteria established in your Investment Policy Statement.

Employee education consulting

Helping your employees successfully transition into retirement can benefit your organization. Providing effective employee education—not just about enrolling in the plan but also about basic financial concepts, pre-retirement planning, financial needs assessments etc.—is a huge challenge for most employers. We understand that and work with you and your program provider to design the most cost-effective solutions to tackle that challenge. 

Our fiduciary role

Fiduciary liability is a primary concern for many plan sponsors. We believe our fiduciary investment advice and guidance can help you reduce your fiduciary exposure. We acknowledge our ERISA fiduciary responsibility in writing with respect to the investment advice we provide and help you develop an investment process consistent with fiduciary standards.

Consulting services for defined contribution plans are delivered through our DC Advisory or Institutional Consulting programs.