Disclosure of Required Information

UBS AG, Taipei 

Rights of Depositors

  • UBS is one of the participating institutions in CDIC deposit insurance.  Effective from 1 January 2011, CDIC compensates each depositor for up to TWD3 million, the coverage of which only includes the items defined in the Deposit Insurance Act.  Deposit insurance only covers domestic deposits, including its interest as well as deposits in foreign currency, but excluding deposits made at OBU.
  • Negotiable certificates of deposit, other financial products or trust asset invested in objects other than deposits, will not be covered by the deposit insurance.
  • Please refer to "Protection of Depositors (http://www.cdic.gov.tw/ct.asp?xItem=3199&CtNode=856&mp=1 )" section of CDIC website for details.

Fund Remuneration Propaganda

In order to protect the investor's right and interests, also to avoid any behaviors of mis-selling, the investors are encouraged to visit the website of Securities Investment Trust & Consulting Association of the R.O.C. ("SITCA") for knowing the details of fund remuneration. UBS hereby provides the website of SITCA for your reference.
Securities Investment Trust & Consulting Association of the R.O.C. (Website: www.sitca.org.tw, please visit "Know more about Fund Remuneration" under "Fund Investment Propaganda")

Clients can ask the Bank to check the registration status of trust personnel with client-facing function where necessary indicating that clients can call the enquiry hot line (02-8722-7720) to ask for such information.