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Philanthropy Services

UBS Philanthropy Services is the premier partner for tailor-made philanthropy solutions for wealth management clients. We were named best global philanthropy services provider by the Euromoney Private Banking Survey in 2007.

Philanthropists give back to society. Turning philanthropic aspirations into real impact requires both rigorous thinking and the power of execution. This is why we provide you with one-stop access to cutting-edge expertise and implementation solutions in the growing field of civil society - with the excellence and open architecture that are trademarks of UBS, the world's leading global wealth manager.

The motivations of today's philanthropists are manifold. Emotions, passions and values play a prominent role: a sense of duty to society, a tradition built on family values, a passionate interest, or a life-changing experience. Some philanthropists seek direct involvement with their beneficiaries. Others prefer to remain behind the scenes.

UBS Philanthropy Services covers the complete value chain in philanthropy. We offer you the following cutting-edge solutions:

  • Strategic advisory: Adopting a structured advisory approach, we help you reach sound decisions on your philanthropic ambitions in private advisory sessions. This can include finding the best local partner for your philanthropic work, defining the optimal positioning niche for your foundation, creating a structure for social investment or aligning (or realigning) your foundation strategy.
  • Knowledge exchange platforms: UBS Philanthropy Services offers you access to the best philanthropic thinking and practice through a truly global offering of platforms in multiple languages. Our design capabilities range from global fora to smaller roundtables. We also design and conduct the annual UBS - Visionaris Social Entrepreneurship Awards, held in collaboration with Ashoka.


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