About Wealth Insights

About Wealth Insights

At UBS, we want to bring independent insightful content to our audience. Within the complexity of the world today, whether political, whether in relation to socio-economic or economic issues, we are bombarded with news and information on all fronts. We aim to provide a platform where the best-in-class speakers from around the globe, have filtered, consolidated, extracted, analyzed the available information, and where they share their insights in a relevant manner, to help you make better informed decisions in context.

We aim to create an opportunity for our audience to engage and interact with the speakers. We want you to be able to ask questions, to take away concrete themes, and extract implications on your own personal investment approach and investment portfolio, so that you can choose to make an impact on your investments and follow up to optimize returns to your portfolio, based on your risk profile.

About UBS Wealth Insights Singapore 2013

At the inaugural event in Singapore on March 11 2013, we were honored to have internationally-renowned Swiss scientist, Dr. Bertrand Piccard, as the keynote speaker. Dr. Piccard was the first person to fly around the world in a balloon in 20 days. He presented our guests with a new perspective and an inspiring message, “A Pioneering Spirit for Investing in the Future”. His views and principles are useful and relevant to our daily lives, whether in the world of investments, in business, or in our personal lives.

Other guest speakers who provided their expert views on key markets included Global Economist, Paul Donovan, Regional CIO of Emerging Markets, Jorge Mariscal and Head of China Economics Research, Wang Tao.

Within the content of this website, you will find short video clips with key take-away messages from some of the speaker's at this event.