A pioneering spirit for investing in the future

About UBS Wealth Insights

About UBS Wealth Insights

Edmund Koh, CEO UBS Wealth Management Singapore and APAC Hub
About UBS Wealth Insights 2013, Singapore
Description: A first in Singapore, the UBS Wealth Insights 2013 flagship event was inspired by UBS's desire to develop a world-class platform to bring independent, insightful content from global experts and renowned public speakers to its Wealth Management clients in Asia Pacific.

Bertrand Piccard, Scientist, adventurer, psychiatrist, aeronaut, humanitarian, renowned inspirational speaker
Pioneering spirit for investing in the future
Description: Today, a pioneering spirit is not only about explorers accomplishing great feats; it’s also about entrepreneurs trying to find their place in a globalized world. How can explorers help the economic, financial and industrial leaders to reach their goals?

Paul Donovan, UBS Investment Bank, Senior Global Economist
Where in the world are we going?
Description: At a time of extraordinary monetary policy measures, and with the global economy starting change the way it works, where are economies likely to head in the months ahead?

Jorge Mariscal, Regional Chief Investment Officer, Emerging Markets
Emerging economies look good, will their asset markets deliver?
Description: Emerging economies are expected to provide the bulk of the world's growth in 2013 and beyond. Furthermore, these economies enjoy low levels of debt, large foreign exchange reserves, and moderate inflation. Yet, despite their solid fundamentals, emerging market stocks, bonds and currencies have not always uniformly displayed good performance.

Wang Tao, UBS Investment Bank, Head, Chief China Economist
How Long Can The Good Times Last?
Description: China's economic activity has rebounded, the market has performed well. The government's increase in infrastructure spending and the recovery of property have been big contributors. Can this last? 

Kelvin Tay, Regional Chief Investment Officer, South Asia, UBS CIO Wealth Management Research
Asian Equity Markets
Description: Asia inevitably has a big part to play in the work of Emerging Markets. Where are the best opportunities in Asian equity markets? Are there any markets that investors should avoid?

Eric Sandlund, Head, Investment Management APAC, Investment Product and Services, UBS Wealth Management
Our High Conviction Asian Strategies
Description: What are the advantages of a discretionary portfolio and the benefits it brings to Asia-based investors?

Thomas Kaegi, Head, Investment Advisory Singapore, Investment Product and Services, UBS Wealth Management
Our CIO House View and core-satellite approach
Description: A disciplined investment process is a key factor to achieve investment success.

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