Opportunities for professionals

Working with UBS Netherlands means being part of a global team where your career can move forward. The size of UBS, the structure and the way of working together present opportunities for those who pursue them.

UBS in the Netherlands is a place to grow your skills and learn from others. Continuous development of skills and building up expertise in favour of our clients are basic requirements to be successful. Our working culture fosters open-mindedness, teamwork, respect and mutual support. Our work environment encourages you to take the initiative and showcase your abilities. We are high-performing individuals committed to our clients applying our knowledge and expertise on behalf of them.

Do these ideas and attitudes mean as much to you as they do to us? Do you have a background in client advising, investments, operations, system or office support?

Are you prepared to invest heavily in yourself and in the interest of our clients? If yes, take up the challenge, contact us and test your ideas and potential.

Training for students and graduates

"The proof of the pudding...."
Through our permanent program of work placements, UBS Netherlands seeks to bridge the gap between theory and practice in a very pragmatic way. We offer ambitious, self-confident students the opportunity to test and enrich their 'book knowledge' in a practical setting. For some students, the work placement turns out to be the first step in a long career at UBS.

For all our work-placement students, the 'real live' experience adds a genuinely new dimension to their academic work. Are you ready to take up the challenge? Contact us!


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