The World Economic Forum (WEF) Annual Meeting in Davos, Switzerland brings together prominent individuals from business, government and academia to discuss pressing global issues and identify solutions to these challenges.

In addition to many of UBS's most senior management attending the 2014 Annual Meeting, UBS has launched a White Paper presenting our vision for how the path to world recovery may look over the coming years.

The White Paper, entitled 'Macro problems, micro solutions: How trade, technology and finance can help keep the recovery going' brings together the views of the top Opinion Leaders from across our Investment Bank, Global Asset Management and Wealth Management businesses.

Executive Summary

Five years after the nadir of the global financial crisis, we look over where we have arrived and what lies ahead. The crisis had its origins in macroeconomic and financial imbalances. Many of its most severe consequences were seen at the macroeconomic and systemic financial levels - though, of course, they were felt most at the social and personal level. In a climate of austerity, both government spending and bank lending have been pressured in some of the world’s largest economies. There is hope in signs of economic growth, in signs of progress in trade negotiations, and, above all, in continuing technological progress. This paper argues that technology will continue to play a key role in driving the recovery. From our perspective at UBS, we must consider the implications for the financial services industry. We highlight the role of technology in increasing connectivity, networking, and the demand for a “longer tail” of services, and the implications of increasingly shorter supply chains that cut out Financial intermediaries.

Read the white paper: Macro problems, micro solutions: How trade, technology and finance can help keep the recovery going (PDF, 1 MB)

Podcasts from the road

While on the road visiting clients, UBS Opinion Leaders recorded podcasts discussing the major themes in the White Paper. Listen using the links below.

Podcast: Growth and Austerity 

The role of the banks and what we can expect next

Andreas Koester, Global Asset Management Head of Asset Allocation and FX
Listen (mp3)

Podcast: Tapping the long tail

How has technology challenged the financial industry?

Simon Smiles, Wealth Management Chief Investment Officer Ultra High Net Worth
Listen (mp3)

Podcast: Trade Wars 

Will technological progress encourage countries to enhance competitiveness?

Stephane Deo, Investment Bank Global Head of Macro Strategy and Asset Allocation
Listen (mp3)

Podcast: Adding value along the chain

Technology poses profound questions for intermediary industries.

Alex Friedman, Wealth Management Global Chief Investment Officer
Listen (mp3)