Why UBS in Krakow

About UBS Poland Service Centre

UBS Poland Service Centre (UBS PSC) is an integral part of UBS and organizationally aligned to UBS Corporate Center.
That means we share the same values, and benefit from the same resources, as the rest of UBS. At UBS PSC, we can take advantage of UBS’s extensive training and development opportunities. We also work on the same technical infrastructure and our offices look and feel the same as other UBS offices around the globe.

Our offices are located in Krakow Business Park in Zabierzow and in Green Office in Krakow. Our teams work with other UBS offices in all major locations and business divisions.

With us you can:

  • Find a challenging role in the fields of operations, finance, HR, legal, compliance and risk, technology (IT), data services and project management
  • Join a group of people who are passionate about their work and eager to share their experience
  • Contribute to the success of a truly global team of professionals and benefit from working in a multinational environment
  • Be a part of a fast-growing team that offers excellent career opportunities to talented individuals
  • Benefit from our exceptional development program, which is focused on education and developing careers

UBS Location

UBS Poland Service Centre is located in Krakow Business Park near Zabierzow, about 10 km Northwest of Krakow city center.

UBS Service Centre (Poland) Sp. z o.o.
KBP 800 building
Ul. Krakowska 280,
32 - 080 Zabierzów k/Kraków

How to get to UBS:

By train:
From Kraków Central Station towards Katowice
Train stop: Krakow Business Park Approx. 20 min.
The timetable is available at: rozklad.pkp.com.pl

By bus:
MPK - city bus number: 238, stop at Krakow Business Park
PKS - buses from main PKS station at Bosacka street.
The timetable is available at: www.rda.krakow.pl/pl/
Private bus lines (minibuses) - leaving from main PKS
station at Bosacka street.

By car:
Zabierzów is situated near Katowice - Kraków A4 highway. You can reach us via the bypass to Zabierzów
from the south side of Kraków by Opolska, J. Conrada streets, and by Radzikowskiego, Pasternik streets from the north side of Kraków.

By air:
You can reach Krakow Business Park from the John Paul II International Airport in Balice by taxi in approximately 10 minutes. Information on direct flights to and from the Balice airport is available at: www.krakowairport.pl

Learn and develop your career at UBS!

UBS Poland Service Centre (UBS PSC) is a place to grow your skills and learn from others. We provide access to various training programs that contribute to your personal and professional development, keep you directed and support your goals.

As a UBS PSC employee, you’ll benefit greatly from in-house training that combines classroom-based training, e-learning, lunch-and-learn sessions, interactive workshops, role playing and panel discussions, as well as coaching and mentoring sessions.

We equip our employees with the specific knowledge needed for their current role, but more importantly, we focus on improving employees’ competencies, personal effectiveness, leadership and language skills to help them take their careers to the next level.

Leadership Program

UBS PSC provides development opportunities for current line managers or employees with aspirations to become a line manager. Our leadership program focuses on the specific managerial skills which are required at different stages of your career.

While our work creates many opportunities for global interaction, we also make sure that our business activities benefit local communities on the social and environmental level.

Community Affairs

Being a part of our UBS office in Krakow gives you a wide choice of opportunities for volunteering and engaging in community activities, especially in the area of education and entrepreneurship. We are proud to say that so far our employees have spent more than 1,000 hours volunteering. In 2010 we set a UBS record when some 80% of our Krakow employees volunteered. This has since been listed as one of the key volunteering achievements on the global UBS community affairs website.

Diversity & Inclusion

The diversity & inclusion team leads local community projects to promote inclusion and address various diversity challenges. The initiatives also create development opportunities for our employees, giving them additional experience in project and people management.

Environmentally responsible

We are proud that our employees are extremely proactive when it comes to protecting the environment. They do not limit themselves to tree-planting events, but are also active carpoolers, and have even been known to encourage others to travel from Krakow to Zabierzow by bike. Our employees initiated the GreenUp Your Life campaign in the office, which features engaging ways of showcasing how to become more energy efficient and less ecologically destructive. The campaign encouraged a positive, healthy and lasting lifestyle change.

Krakow Business Run

September 2012 saw the launch of the very first Krakow Business Run, an initiative which was initiated, co-organized and sponsored by the UBS PSC in Krakow. Over 1000 runners from various companies took part in the event, which aimed primarily to raise funds for a local charitable cause, Beyond Horizons Foundation, and also promote Krakow as a business-friendly city. Thanks to the incredible commitment, the event exceeded its fundraising target of PLN 60,000 (over EUR 14,000) and received extensive press and television coverage.
Around 250 UBS employees were actively involved in organizing and participating as runners or supporters in Krakow Business Run and we are particularly delighted that the event will now be a regular fixture in the Krakow calendar.

The Get Together! Committee consists of employee representatives from various departments who influence and manage:

  • Sports Clubs formed by employees
  • Purchase of tickets to artistic, cultural, and sporting events
  • Office and outdoor parties
  • Trips and excursions
  • Upgrading office space (relaxation space, entertainment, and recreation equipment such as table football)

As a part of the UBS office in Krakow, you will have an opportunity to directly influence these social, cultural and sports activities via your representative in the committee.

Sports Clubs

Keen on sports? The UBS Poland Service Centre is home to the following clubs that are always looking for new members:

  • Volleyball
  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Tennis
  • Squash
  • Golf
  • Go-carting
  • Horseback Riding
  • Trekking
  • Running
  • Cycling
  • Swimming