Next Generation Philosophy

At UBS, our clients are at the center of everything we do.  Our unwavering commitment to deliver a unique client experience goes beyond providing world-class investment advice.  As part of our continuing efforts to address your total wealth needs, we have created tailored programs for your children and grandchildren - "The Next Generation".

Our Next Generation curriculum goes beyond the essentials of finance and investing, with comprehensive programs that are hands-on and over multiple aspects, including financial education, personal development, career development and family matters.

Our suite of programs are all based on structured curriculums to cater for children as young as five, through to university graduates. 

An overview of our current Next Generation offerings can be found below:

Parent & Child Financial Literacy workshop

Junior workshop for children where they will learn the concept of: basic theory of needs and wants, learn the value of money and saving and demonstrate the value of sharing and charity.

Pre-teen workshop for children where they will get the opportunity to grasp more complex financial concepts, including: compounding, understanding foreign exchange rates, introduction to earning and various professions. 

During the children's workshop, parents will participate in an interactive workshop on 'Kids and Money" which focuses on how to inculcate the right money habits in their children. 

UBS Next Generation Education Forum Series

These forums provide a platform for inspiring discussion, useful guidance and practical advice to students exploring university education abroad.

As world economies continue to intertwine, geographic boundaries no longer exist in the international marketplace of ideas and human capital.

Studying abroad, whether it be in the US, UK, Australia, Canada or elsewhere, can open up possibilities and widen the horizons of a developing mind. Gaining a university education abroad can be your child's first step to becoming a global citizen in a borderless world.

The UBS Next Generation Education Forums assemble international education experts to help you understand the evolvement of education and discuss the global options available to today's graduating high school students.

Alumni from international universities will share their experiences about studying abroad.  An interactive Q&A session will give you the opportunity to ask our experts and alumni the right questions to get the answers you need to make the right choice!

The UBS Leadership Excellence and Development Series (LEADS) Certification Program

This program seeks to provide the next generation of UBS Wealth Management clients, with the opportunity for self-development. Aimed at university graduates and undergraduates of any academic background, the UBS LEADS Certification Program incorporates segments on financial knowledge, leadership development, cross-cultural awareness and the art of communication. In addition to the educational aspect of the program, participants will benefit from the chance to meet peers from around the region and to establish a network for their future professional lives.

UBS Dialogue - Young Successors Program

This program is a structured two-week long education forum and platform for young adults to test and develop their wealth management knowledge with professional guidance.

Highlights of the program include; Family Business, Entrepreneurship, Family Office, Philanthropy, Financial Knowledge (Bonds, Equities, FX, Alternative Investments, Commodities), Portfolio Game, Personal Branding, Poverty Slum Simulation and Interviewing Skills.

UBS Dialogue – The Next Generation Leaders

A three day program held in Europe targeted at guests who plan, or have recently, taken over (or roles within) the family business.  You can expect to engage in informative and thought provoking discussions with leaders and academics within fields of family business and business excellence.  This program also provides global networking and sharing among peers enhanced with real-life case studies and examples of family business next generation leaders.

Educating the next generation through structured curriculum-based programs ensures they are valuable contributors to society and armed with the tools required to thrive and succeed in the modern world.

Our commitment to ongoing education is a top priority to ensure that you have everything you need to make an informed decision – now and for your next generation.

Speak to your Client Advisor to find out more on our next generation programs.