UBS Next Generation Education Forum Series overview

For the second consecutive year, UBS presents a pan-Asia international education forum series. These events provide a platform for inspiring discussion, useful guidance and practical to students exploring a university.

To participate in today’s new economy, young people need the ability to move easily between cultures and compete within them. As world economies continue to intertwine, geographic boundaries no longer exist in the international marketplace of ideas and human capital. People need to smoothly and effectively communicate agendas and aspirations, no matter their nationality or country of origin.

Education is undoubtedly the pathway to a more promising future, but the experiences of a young person can be greatly enhanced should part of that education take place overseas. Studying abroad, whether it be in the US, UK, Australia, Canada or elsewhere, can open up possibilities and widen the horizons of a developing mind. While receiving a quality education will always be a priority, the benefits of challenging oneself to live in another culture, make friends from other countries, and perhaps master a second language, can potentially accrue into something much weightier than academic knowledge.

By choosing to study at a university overseas, the outcome is likely the development of character, a keen sense of adaptability, increased cultural awareness and an invigorated momentum for the future.

The UBS Next Generation Education Forums assemble international education experts to help you and your child understand the evolvement of education and discuss the global options available to today’s graduating high school students.

Alumni from international universities will share their experiences about studying abroad. An interactive Q&A session will give you the opportunity to ask our experts and alumni the right questions to get the answers you need to make the right choice!